"Teeth & Tiles" is part of "Club Picocho" a Pico-8 Game Dev Club with the "1 Game a Month" philosophy. 

Credits:  Fáyer, JP, Brian


In this game the board represents an ecosystem of creatures that can't break its balance or you lose, it stars perfectly balanced with 1 creature of each in every corner.  At any point in the game, there always needs to be at least 1 of each creature in it or the game is over. 

Creatures can only eat and be eaten by a specific foe, pay attention to the board to learn the rules. 

Phase 1 : The Awakening
- Board awakes all creatures and makes them face a random direction
- Board adds up to 2 tokens of creature in empty positions

Phase 2:  The Strategy (player's turn)
- You get 3 random cards (can be creatures facing a direction or just directions)
- You need to play all of them to finish your turn

Phase 3: The Hunt
- Every creature tries to move to their facing direction, if another one is already there and it's their prey, they eat it and take their place, if not, they bounce back to their original position. 
- The Tokens that survived turn into new creatures
- After all creatures have returned to sleep, The Hunt finishes and the game returns to phase 1: The Awakening . 

Every creature consumed adds 1 point to your score. 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withPICO-8
TagsPICO-8, Pixel Art


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Man, what an elegant system. My only complaint might be that the difficulty doesn't really scale; I'm at 250 right now with no end in sight.

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this is really nice, feels really elegant to play. could make a cool card game as well. hard though, 36 is my highest score so far

Thanks for playing!

@q1 My thoughts exactly!