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adorable little game, and seems very impressively polished. I loved all the different fish designs!



Listen the game is super cute and I love it. But these controls are wack, why am I running with K instead of SHIFT

best game ever, really cute, relaxing,creative and entertaining!!! <3 

plus i absolutely love frogs :D


So cute! Although it was short, I enjoyed every second of it. 


Cute frog


The game was a blast. It helped me familiarise myself with my editing software while having fun rewatching my fishing journey... I think. Thumbnail art was by me and inspired by noot noot.


Cute thumbnail, thanks for sharing!

You have my thanks, kind traveller.

This was such a delightful game, I had such a good time playing it! (Ignore my complaints about controller support, I realise partway through the video it was just my controller being the problem haha)

Absolutely wonderful!

I did struggle some with those flying fish, it seems you have to come at them from a specific angle but jeez that was difficult. Still, I 100% enjoyed this game! It's super cute and everything about it is so adorable!!

"This was made in 5 months in our free time." Truly amazing! I just finished the game with the 25 fishes and the photo to grandfrog! The game is so cute and simple (in the way that its easy to learn it and straight forward) i truly enjoyed it! The graphics are so cute and the characters are adorable, the whole game feels nice to play and very polished, fishing gameplay is easy and fun, very joyful! As a 24y.o. girlie that loves videogames and is getting slowly into game development on the free time as a simple hobby and for more knownledge its amazing and very wholesome and inspiring to see this made by a group a friends enjoying the creation of a game! Super cool! Keep it up! 

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Such a

such a cute fishing game, very  links awakening graphics

The blur could be reduced or removed completely

Thank you for making such a cute and wholesome game <3 I enjoyed it

This game is really great the only negative point i can make is that i had to see a video to understand how the fishing works because of the lack of tutorial but once you learn it it's really fun, another thing that i like is that the fish you are going to get is not randomized this makes the soooo much faster and fun to fish.

Thanks! Me and my 3yr sis enjoy this .

She likes frogs i like cozy games.

Very cute, would love to see more.

Very good game only problem I had was the fishing rod getting stuck to the ground


It’s so good and the idea is very original


This is a darling game, cannot wait to play more to complete all of the fish collection but I was playing all the #frogcon2022 games to show them off and I am so pleased that this game was included I adore it 

why is it so cute!!!

I enjoyed the art style quite a bit. The incremental introduction of the fishing mechanics with different objects was handled in a show-not-tell way and I appreciate the amount of detail and trust you give the player with that mindset. Thanks for the wonderful game, I hope you all find a publisher that will fund your future projects!

Here's my playthough: 


Good Game 10/10 very cute


i think its just to you i didnt get any ads


Great Fishing Game

I really enjoyed playing this game and I think it has a ton of potential. I hope to see more froggy fishing adventures in the future!

I played this game as part of my stream if you wanna check it out! (39:40)

aww this was so cute, very fun fishing game!

<33333 really really incredible game, so relaxing ;) s22222222

Really good game fun, lots of content and lots of fish ect

10/10 FUN

absolutely loved the game >< made me so happy hahahahah

This is a masterpiece. From the art style to the gameplay, this is one of the best games I have ever played.

Very fun experience! Thanks!

quite an

cute and amazing game

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For a brief moment I could live my cute little froggo dream, but it was over way too soon. Both ending screens were so beautifully made.

I love the art style and the weird fish species (especially their description). Hopefully the game won't remain incomplete. For a full version it would be nice if you could add a few more sounds for Ranita (like small jump sounds or whenever he is railing in a fish) and maybe another fishing mechanic. It would be even enough if it's a bit more like in Animal Crossing. What I mean with that is that it's set to random when the fish will bite (between 1 to 5 in AC) and not always at the third time.

By the way: Grandfroggos friend reminds me of "Kroko Doc". 

Keep up the good work!

epic cute game, just for the eveneing or when you feel down. 100/10

beautifull game i loved

such an adorable game ! i love the art style so much . it didn't take long to finish , close to an hour . definitely recommend to anyone who loves cozy games to play !

Such a cute game I love it 🥰 haven’t collected all the fish yet but absolutely love it 😊

i dont no haw to instal help it plss :(

Click the Download button that has your OS next to it, right click the downloading file in the bottom corner, click Open when done, click on RanitaFishing, click the middle file that should also be called RanitaFishing, click, "Extract" (It may open another window asking you to hit extract again), then once its done extracting, on the window that opened after the extract, click RanitaFishing then click the middle one again, if a Windows security window pops up, click More Info, then hit run anyway.
P.s. I'm on Windows 10 so if your on Mac it will most likely be different for you

Great game !!! 11/10 !

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