A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A little frog on a fishing adventure  🐸🎣


Ranita Fishing is a 3D platformer game with fishing mechanics. It's about a little frog on a simple quest for their grandpa, collecting fishes and helping friends along the way.


You can use a keyboard or a controller to play our demo. You can walk, run and jump to move around, you can use your rod to fish or to solve some puzzles and you can talk with several quirky characters you find along the way. 


First things first, Ranita literally means "little frog" in spanish and that's the name we gave our main character and also the game, why? because Ranita Fishing is just a little demo that we put together for fun. 

While making it, we discovered that we really liked collaborating and the idea could be a full game, but sadly, we lack the resources, so if you are a publisher and are interested in investing, get in contact with us, we really wanna make the whole game!


We are a group of friends from México 🇲🇽 that decided to work together on a little game for fun. This was made in 5 months in our free time. 

Fáyer- Director & Producer
Hugo Gutiérrez - Programmer & Technical Artist
Kyutahub - Character Designer & 3D Artist
Joven Paul - 3D & Concept Artist
Daniel Arturo (Vala) - 3D & Concept Artist
Majo Félix - Music & Implementation
Ricardo Cervantes - Sound Design & Implementation


Published 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreAdventure, Action, Platformer
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Cute, Fishing, Frogs, wholesome


RanitaFishing.macOS.Intel64bit_AppleSilicon.zip 91 MB
RanitaFishing.winx86_64.zip 81 MB


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Muy linda experiencia. Conseguí cada pez en el juego y me divertí al hacerlo~!



The game sounds fun, but I can't play it, because I'm using PC


There's a PC build there

I think I'll show the screenshoot

Before I show the screen shoot, I have a question: are you in the HyperBeard?

Here is the screenshoost

This game was so much fun and so cute! I love all the characters especially Osito and the Burple was definitely my favorite fish! The end cards were so adorable! I want them as my background!

Very nice cozy game, after the first 3 fish and talking to Osito, the camera changed and stayed in a way it was hard to continue playing, you can even go very far away from the camera and it wont be able to follow you :( Will try again later

Oh, we'll check what's happening there, thanks for the heads up!

This game is so adorable and fun. The concept of a fishing puzzle platformer works great.

I think the probablilyty of catching a fish should be slightly retooled, if i had to guess you have a 1 in 3 chance of catching on the first two nibbles, and a 100% chance on the third. This ends up skewing to so your more likely to catch the fish later, I would recomend making it a 2 in 3 chance on the first two nibbles to make the player expect it more earlier on, and maybe even a 9 in 10 chance on the third just so there can be one last curveball at the end.

Also i might recomend adding slight variations in animation and movement speed to the fish in the water so they can be identified if a player knows what their doing - it could make this an interesting game to speed run. though i wasnt paying close enough attention to see if this existed, and if it doesnt, itd prolly be annoying to add anyway cuz fish are prolly chosen when its reeled in.


Thanks for playing and the feedback!

¡Está bellísimo, felicidades a todo el equipo! :D

I'm gonna play this! GREAT JOB GUYS!

ahhh I love this game it's so cute!!! <3


frog :)

frog indeed

words cannot describe how sad i was when i realized that was the whole game. so cute, and so so so fun! felt like an animal crossing rpg... i want to live in the universe of this game 10 lily pads/10

thank you!

Finished it in one sitting, a very cute and really polished game. I really love the art style :)

We don't have saving implemented so it's good you finished it all! 

I got a good time playing it!, I think I should have used a controller tho :3 Gameplay:

Thanks for playing!

So cute and fun game dev 



Very fun and cute game! This demo feels like a very polished and complete experience. There was plenty to do ranging from solving puzzles, collecting items, and catching every type of fish. The animation and effects are nice as well.

Some feedback:

  1. I found it difficult to hear the music, so perhaps some audio sliders could be implemented in the options menu. (Or sound levels might need adjusting)
  2. When catching a fish that you’ve already caught, it is a bit tedious to sit through the animation again, so perhaps there can be a shorter way to show that you’ve caught something you already have. (Maybe a little box that shows the picture of the fish you caught over your head or something.)

Overall, this was a great time! Looking forward to seeing how the full game turns out!


We'll consider this, thanks!