This game is part of "Club Picocho" a Pico-8 Game Dev Club with the "1 Game a Month" philosophy. 

It was made for the A Game By Its Cover jam.  

A Game By Its Cover is an annual game jam about turning the fictional cartridge art of the My Famicase Exhibition into the real thing.

Credits: Fáyer, Bruno, CalixJumio, Brian

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsPICO-8, Pixel Art, Short


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This was amazing and adorable. Just challenging enough to be fun and loose enough to be easy. Great work. Love each character's sfx.

Is it possible to download or just to play it?

You can play it right here on the browser. It's a web game. 

I see... thanks for the reply

adorable and fun :D

super cat tales?


This game is adorable. I love how there isn't a specific way to finish every room, so it's up to the player to choose if they want to be fast and efficient or to take their time tidying up the room. Switching characters around to reach every corner can be very fun and I like how you need to consider team work when moving big pieces of furniture. Great sprites and very truthful to the Famicase that inspired it.
Great work!

Thanks for playing it and the comment!

no veo el archaeologuy, ayuda, jugue room4joy y se me hace algo tan sorprendente, pues una idea tan simple es llevaba a un juego, creo comprare pico y hare mis pininos

¡Suerte con el desarrollo! Archaeologuy no está aún listo, está pausado por ahora. 

Great game Bravo !!!

Amazing art, the music is so chill and I puzzles get challenging once you start moving big furniture using many characters. Great job!!!

That was a really cute game! good art, the controls were simple and it felt natural switching between all 4 characters, and some of the puzzles where clever in how you fit them like the small bathroom. I enjoyed the game and thought it was neat how you could technically arrange the rooms anyway you wanted them.