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This game is really excellent, please can you share the p8 file to let us use it on any hardware with our Pico-8 exec.
Thanks a lot

this is by far the best game ive played on itch, good job

really enjoyable game! the puzzle is challenging enough but not really crazy hard, love the artstyle, hope there will be a sequel or extra level/story in the future :)

Liked your game friend.


The game is so minimalism but yet very beautiful. I love it !

Just the perfect difficulty for a dumb fella like me, took some thinking but never thought to quit the game because I'm stuck. Good job!

This made me C R Y.

thank you for that game :)

What a great puzzle game with a heart felt message. I love the mechanics and aesthetic of this game. There were a few levels that turned out tricky, but this is my type of game. Great job!

Awesome! I really love the quaint 8bit graphics, and the puzzles actually pose a mind stimulating challenge.

It's a puzzle game that I like.

a lovely little puzzle game. as a lover of match games and sokobans, the mechanic was great, and some really clever setups came out of it. a cute place to be while i bump around and figure things out, and the level win animation is adorable. looking forward to trying out more from yall :)

Great game! Love the art and the puzzles are fun


Very cool game 👍 Though it's slightly too easy, the amount of levels is good imho, but the final few levels should be a little bit harder.

I like that it uses the Bejeweled game mechanic in a different way. But wouldn't it be better if the block&player swap places instead of copying the block? Then it's more like in those match-3 games.

very good game! kind of confused about the story though

Kitsu (Full Game)

Wow estuvo hermoso, bonito y realmente difícil.

Cada que lo jugaba no podía pensar en otra cosa que "Esto estaría súper cool para mi Gameboy advance"  

Felicito a Mr Pato y a  Mr Fáyer hicieron un juego hermoso que fácilmente compite con los mejores Doodles que he jugado, es demasiado adictivo.

¡Muchas gracias!

Me encantó, me tardé tres días en breaks del trabajo, super padre usar las cajas como pistas para empujar otras cajas para desaparecer otras cajas 🤯

La idea de hacer el nivel más chico para que quepa el tutorial en pantalla es brillante, me la voy a robar.

¡Gracias Jair! Y claro, róbatelo con confianza ;)

it's so cute and enjoyable. Kinda chanllenging but it's fun 

Challenging, but I managed to finish it :D It's a fun game and the idea is very interesting!

This was a really fun and challenging puzzle game. The match 3 mechanics was well implemented. Can't wait to see what you make next! 


Randomly stumbled upon this with my 4 year old son. So two reviews for the price of one for you.
Me: I really love this, the puzzles are clever and the general premise is simple and relaxing. Been a nice 45 minutes with the little man working through this.
My Son: Please can you make this fox game easier because there are not enough boxes. 

Cracking job

The difficulty of the puzzle was just right and it was very interesting!  The ending is a little lonely, but I'm glad kitsu said goodbye to tanu.Thank you for the cute wonderful game 🦊

The ending was sad :( , Anyways this game is awesome. I truly enjoyed playing this short puzzle , It's refreshing for my brain.

Seriously, what went through your mind when making this! It's so good! It really makes me think about what blocks I need to break, and which ones will get me stuck. There are many times where I get stuck in it and don't know what to do, but that music pulls me in, and keeps me in the game! Awesome game!

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YOOO!! This is SOOO COOL!! I love the game!  The graphics, the sound design, the characters' look.... wow!!

P.S: I bump into walls and it makes these funny sounds and the screens just starts shaking lol :)) So sometimes I just keep pressing the button and it goes like BRRRRRR :))

P.P.S: Isn't that PICO-8 you're using?? My friends like to code with them too! Not me though... I prefer ProcessJS :P

Yes, It's PICO-8, it's really fun when you get a hang of it.

okey :)

looks cute! ima download <3!!

Very well done! impressive polish all around!

(I have yet to see the end, the game lacks a BFG to clear some nasty levels, but I am sure I'll get to 20 at some point!)

Thanks thanks thanks...

This is Really good, The Graphics are cool, the puzzle concept is amazing! And the music is nice and soothing!

You should be super proud of yourself!

Thanks. :')

This is wonderful! The puzzle mechanics are really unique and so good!

The art is very charming, and the sound design of the game is great!

I also really like how the game page looks :)

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Thank you very much for your kind words. I can't believe you liked the sound design because it was my first attempt at composing music. 👉👈😅

Well, it definitely was a good first attempt haha

🤍 Thanks again.

Awesome! great idea wrapped in a pretty package :)

Thank you. We really owe Suzuki Tokichi a big thanks for inspiring us.

This is a WONDERFUL puzzle game. Really enjoying it. Going to take a break at Level 11, but hope to come back after dinner and finish it..!


Thanks a LOT! You're already halfway there, hope you like the end too! :)

So well done, increasingly  harder challenges and awesome puzzles. Loved it!


That was a lot of fun- it’s amazing what you managed to achieve in a pico-8 cartridge!

I was surprised too. Fáyer is really good with pico-8.


huh huh?

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although the game looks simple, it was difficult to get the pixel right on all 20 levels KKK, a very good game.


Thanks a lot for your words and for taking the time to record your walkthrough. ❤️

An absolute gem of a pico game! This is a puzzle game in 20 levels which features some great learning curve, interesting mechanics but also simple yet great ambiance! Loved it! :D


Brilliant and beautiful. Perfect little Pico-8 game. A must have in anyone's Pico game list.


I like the concept, art, and the game feel polished. Play around 2 minutes.

Oh, c'mon... Try to play around 10 minutes next time. :D

don't worry, I had finished the game, great games.

maybe you will have another level or launch to other platfrom :D


Fantastic game with brilliant puzzles. The best puzzle games can stump the player with the careful placement of a single block, and this one absolutely did that for me.


Thanks a lot, still a lot to learn. I hope we are getting there. 😅

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