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Pro Tip: Sync your breath with the background sound. 

Great work!

great game!

Great game!

Can you share the p8 file? Please

quite liked this cute game about my favorite animal
would love to see more of the story the note at the end alludes to

Hi! I'm wanting to take games made for GBJam and make them for Gameboy! Was this made using gb studio? If so, Would I be able to get the assets and build for this? If possible, the GB studio project too? This would be for my own personal use :) 

Hey! No, this was made on Pico-8 :)

No worries! Thank you for replying!

really cute and fun puzzle game


Lovely game! Interesting mechanics and very well executed with good level design and art. When the boxes were added, although I don't usually like them much, it was a lot of fun!

1:11:54 - Included portions of the Kitsu playthrough. A little abridged, but I wanted to skip some of the more trivial levels to cut down on run time.
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Wonderful idea with a wonderful execution, really enjoyable


Lovely game! Do you plan to make the p8.png cart file available someday? It would be a nice game to play on my portable rg351v device, but I could only do so if I could get the p8.png cart somehow.


i'm having the same problem here, i want to play it on my miyoo mini so bad :(


how to pass lvl9

same question here lol

nvm i found it
you need to use all three boxes that are at the bottom

Awesome Game!

smart game

really fun, i enjoyed!! good level of challenge and so cute too <3


Really cool game! There were some tough puzzles! 


I tried to do speedruns of the game and I had a blast. My goal was to break the 10 minute mark and I finally finish with a 9m02 when I started to memorize all puzzles and 1-shot all of them!

It was a lot of fun!

I challenge anyone to try to beat it, it's a cool way to support indie games and share that to the world :)

Thanks for sharing!

wow! what a nice PICO-8 game!

Awesome game! :D

Great style and some really beautiful puzzle designs. Very well done!

I made a gameplay of the mystical fox Kitsu game on my channel.

Beautiful game.

spent the whole evening finishing this, and absolutely loved it!!

very nice and cute game <3

So beautiful and fun :)
loved the game feel too, very polished!

Good puzzles and pixel art, quite challenging.

I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

Amazing, My favorite in the Pico-8 catalouge


Lovely game-- interesting puzzles and use of PICO-8!

Love it! Great puzzles, art and music.

great game!

This game is really excellent, please can you share the p8 file to let us use it on any hardware with our Pico-8 exec.
Thanks a lot

this is by far the best game ive played on itch, good job


really enjoyable game! the puzzle is challenging enough but not really crazy hard, love the artstyle, hope there will be a sequel or extra level/story in the future :)

Liked your game friend.


The game is so minimalism but yet very beautiful. I love it !


Just the perfect difficulty for a dumb fella like me, took some thinking but never thought to quit the game because I'm stuck. Good job!

This made me C R Y.

thank you for that game :)

What a great puzzle game with a heart felt message. I love the mechanics and aesthetic of this game. There were a few levels that turned out tricky, but this is my type of game. Great job!

Awesome! I really love the quaint 8bit graphics, and the puzzles actually pose a mind stimulating challenge.

a lovely little puzzle game. as a lover of match games and sokobans, the mechanic was great, and some really clever setups came out of it. a cute place to be while i bump around and figure things out, and the level win animation is adorable. looking forward to trying out more from yall :)

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